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OKIINO update: Amazing surf leggings and some big news

When we last talked about OKIINO, the trio of founders were proud to announce their Indiegogo campaign which fully funded the initial phases of manufacturing their amazing surf leggings. We got a pair in Azul and let’s just say we can’t wait for summer to roll around again to try them in the water – not that we won’t wear them in the winter too! This week OKIINO launched their new website and shared some other cool news (see below)!

The pants
OKIINO’s amazing leggings provide sun protection for those long days surfing and SUPing (or just playing in the waves). Indiegogo backers started receiving their anxiously-awaited pants with a purpose in October. The be-scaled leggings arrived in inventive, recycled packaging with the beautiful, circular OKIINO logo announcing the arrival of each pair. We may have ripped ours open in the stairwell… who waits for scissors anyway?

The pants are gorgeous. The design artist Amanda Herrin (Instagram @soleilazules) painted is full of multi-dimensional colors and beautiful textures. Wearing the leggings is as close to donning a mermaid tail as most people will get. Not only do they look good, this is one piece of activewear that won’t have loose threads or become saggy any time soon. It’s hard to find leggings that hug your body enough they don’t fall off without suffocating your legs, but these manage to hold on just right. Plus, the pants are high-waisted which also protects you from losing them on an unexpected nosedive (and is great for ladies without booties who often find leggings slip right off).

Basically, OKIINO leggings are super unique, crazy practical and wearable on the water, in the studio and on the street. We’ve worn them to yoga in the Midwest and received plenty of compliments as well as queries about where the pants were purchased.

OKIINO, surf leggings, Chloe Jackman Photography
Photo by Chloe Jackman Photography

The story
Co-founders Angeline Kung, Robyn Tosick and Rachel Frey realized there was a need for better fitting, cooler leggings and paired up with Herrin, a friend of Kung’s, to design the amazing scale pattern. The founding trio surf, SUP, practice yoga and are involved in other physical activities so it’s no wonder they needed high-quality, lady-centric pants.

In starting OKIINO they wanted to also give back to the community so they decided to offer their customers a choice of which charity a portion of their OKIINO purchase would support. Customers can choose an organization from one of three groups: skin cancer awareness, ocean preservation and community development.

Each is represented by non-profits that the trio plans to change on occasion based on votes from the OKIINO community. Indiegogo backers who donated $28 USD or more had the option to become members of the group who will vote on new non-profits as OKIINO sees fit.

Active individuals from 14 countries funded the leggings via Indiegogo. Robyn was the most stoked about presenting The Wahine Project ladies with OKIINO leggings during their product-testing phase. (The incredible organization teaches girls confidence and ocean conservation through surfing.) She’s excited about seeing people wearing OKIINO who are inspiring for their athletic abilities and contributions toward bettering the world. Angeline loves seeing the pants on strangers, it’s happening all over the world! Rachel would love to see someone like legendary surfer Bethany Hamilton wearing OKIINO. “Her tenacious perseverance is an incredible inspiration.” The young athlete became a household name after jumping back on a surfboard just 3 weeks after losing her arm to a tiger shark at age 13.

The founders
We love learning a bit about the creators of products we dig.

Robyn (@savvyogi on Instagram) would love to spend her dream vacation “off the beaten path” somewhere near the ocean where she is completely immersed in local culture.  She’d spend her time being active, hiking, exploring, surfing and experiencing the area to its fullest. She’d enjoy local cuisine before falling into bed exhausted and super happy. Angeline (@alistkung) has a similar wish for an experience that includes cultural sights, sounds and tastes as well as untouched nature and amazing friends. Rachel (@raaarrrr) replied that Robyn goes on incredible adventures so she’d leave the planning to her pal and follow her around.

Photo by Chloe Jackman Photography, OKIINO, surf leggings
Photo by Chloe Jackman Photography

The future
Along with the debut of their beautiful new website, OKIINO announced some exciting collaborations with GoodPeople.com and Japhy Surf Co. Through these organizations you can buy OKIINO hybrid leggings and other handpicked outdoor gear and apparel.

For those in the San Francisco area, head to Folsom Street Foundry today, 11/11 for OUTDOOR SF, a showcase of innovative outdoor and lifestyle brands (including OKIINO) that benefit the Sierra Club and Send It Foundation.

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign and want to get a pair of leggings for yourself or your favorite mermaid-like yoga friend, visit OKIINO’s new website. The holidays are coming and what better way to say, “I love you, you’re awesome!” than by giving the gift of crazy-cool activewear that helps the planet?

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