Whoa is a zero-budget publication. We do not make any money from this endeavor. We understand that this can be a barrier for contributors and wish you luck if you decide to take your photos and stories elsewhere.

Submission guidelines

– Written pieces should be between 400-2,000 words long.
– Must be written about people who identify as womxn.
– We share a lot of womxn-created work, but accept pieces that are about womxn.
– Make these stories your own! We pride ourselves on completely original content. Outside sourcing is great, but your piece must have a unique angle, quotes and photos.
– Writers are in charge of sending in high-quality photos to go with their stories. If you didn’t take the photograph you must have permission from the photographer and give them credit in the captions.
– We accept personal essays (tell us about your awesome backpacking trip!), listicles (so long as they are thoughtful and awesome), profiles, photo essays, poetry and wilderness-inspired art.
– You don’t have to be a professional writer. We will make grammar and spelling edits to your piece as necessary. We will discuss edits and provide feedback if you are interested. We are not about turning people down – we’ll talk through stories that aren’t quite ready yet!

We want to hear from womxn all over the world about their amazing adventures  – don’t be afraid to speak up even if you don’t consider yourself a writer/photographer/artist.

Send us a pitch at [email protected] including your topic, suggested length and style. We’ll get back to you asap. We can’t wait!