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You can’t adventure every single day. Or if you can, we salute you and will carry on with our daydreaming. We turn to podcasts for inspiration when we are jonesing for the wild as we do the dishes or drive. Here are the ones we’re diggin’ on:


Dirtbag Diaries 
Duct Tape Then Beer runs this awesome podcast full of stories of adventures. People can pitch their shorts and features to be a part of the series.  “We look for stories with a conversational/campfire style that explore some bigger question, idea or truth through the lens of the outdoors,” reads their submission guidelines.

One of our favorite episodes is called “Start Saying Yes.” It’s about Katie Crafts, a woman who decided she wanted to be like the badass guides on an Antarctic cruise. She quit her job, moved to Idaho, started taking classes and making moves to learn skills necessary to live and work as a guide. She’s heading into her second season on the very team she envied and her episode will definitely give you all the feels!


She Explores
Gale Straub, founder of She Explores, runs this podcast all about women and the outdoors. The show just started and has so far featured some awesome ladies like artist Amanda Sandlin who travels the states in her built-out minivan. 

Whoa Mag founder Hatie is on Episode 6, “Women Outdoors, Online”  talking about how the media is still gendered towards men and why it’s crucial that women support one another in outdoor pursuits. Gale occasionally poses questions to the listeners and asks that they send in their thoughts via a special voicemail – you could be part of the podcast, too!


You never know what’s next for Outside/In. The show claims to be for “*almost* everyone” and it’s really true. Sam Evans-Brown delves into reporting and long-form storytelling to talk all things outdoors. The show creators seek to answer listener questions about the outdoors by talking to topical experts. They’ve investigated Pokemon Go, those minimalist running shoes with slots for each toe and even talked with a man named “The Moose Wwhisperer.” Listen to Outside/In and you’re sure to be entertained and well-informed. 


Outside Podcast
Outside Magazine has entered the audio world with a series of podcasts. They started with episodes about crazy ways to die, like getting frozen or struck by lightning. Recently they’ve branched out into Outside Interviews where editor Chris Keyes talks to interesting people in the industry, like climber Conrad Anker and outstanding journalist Jason Motlagh. If you dig the informative journalism of the magazine you’ll appreciate this similar yet extra-personal format.


The Moth
Ok, Ok – The Moth isn’t outside-related. We still love it. This podcast features 2-3 stories each episode and you never know what’s next. Each story is true and written and by a regular person at a live audience taping. Some are hilarious tales of adventure and trouble (listen to Edgar Oliver in “Courting Paul Bowles in Tangier”) while others offer insight into mundane daily life through a unique perspective (check out “Speeding to Bible Study” by Daniel Judson). We love The Moth because it’s full of surprises and genuine tales. Plus, it’s made us cry at least twice. 


Ask Me Another
This NPR podcast is also not about the outdoors, but it is super entertaining. If you dig trivia and word puzzles this is the podcast for you. Each episode is around an hour long and features special guests from the Milk Carton Kids to Martina McBride and Amber Tamblyn. The guests share news on upcoming and current projects and then partake in Ask Me Another challenges. Audience contestants show their skills answering trivia questions in an attempt to win a themed Rubiks cube. We stock up on this podcast when we’re road tripping as a great way to stay engaged and awake while driving. 

Do you have other outdoor (or not-so-much) podcasts that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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