Okiino leggings worn by their surfing co-founder

Okiino: Reinventing leggings for active women

As many women know, finding the perfect pair of leggings can be a serious undertaking, especially if you really put them through the wringer. Often, even your favorite pair will wear out or rip after a few twisted yoga poses or long races. And have you ever worn leggings while surfing or stand up paddleboarding? We’ve never even thought about it. You’d have to find a pair that won’t shrink, isn’t see through and is breathable. Add that to looking for a pair that has a rockin’ pattern and makes you feel like a badass and you’re probably still searching.

The ladies behind Okiino, a new brand of activewear, felt the same way. That’s why they spent a year in development trying to create the best pair of leggings for surfing, yoga and feeling rad on the way to and from the beach and the city. The founding trio (Robyn Tosick, Angeline Kung and Rachel Frey) all have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, yoga and clothing, and it’s clear they found a void in the activewear market and have done a great job filling it.

Okiino leggings feature reinforced ankle elastic to keep the pant legs from riding up. The crotch seam includes a gusset, aka a diamond shaped section of fabric, that prevents the dreaded camel toe that is nearly inevitable when a normal pair of leggings gets wet or is worn during yoga. There is no tag on these babies, and the waist band is wide and high, but not too high – it ends right before the belly button to keep them from falling down. The leggings also offer UV protection, which is super great for SUP, kayaking and surfing, as sunscreen wears off in the water.

Okiino yoga
Okiino leggings in Azul Scales, perfect for yoga.

Okiino is raising money to fund their first run of production as well as startup costs, shipping and other eCommerce development. Their Indiegogo campaign had a goal of $18,000, and easily surpassed it. With just a few hours left, the total is nearing their stretch goal, $30,000. Want to get involved? Just $108 will get you a pair of the beautiful leggings + membership into the Okiino Community Council, which helps decide what charities the company donates to. Each purchase of Okiino wear includes a donation to the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation, Surf for Life or 5 Gyres ocean preservation organization (you pick the organization).

Okiino leggings are high-tech, keep you from getting sunburned and can stand up to even the gnarliest of dives.

While we love all of the above, we dig the style even more. Okiino paired up with Amanda Herrin, an L.A.-based artist who designed and hand-painted the three versions currently available: azul, emerald and sunset scales. No, you won’t look like a fish out of water. Instead, a passerby may wonder if a mermaid is nose-walking the board or holding a down-dog on a SUP. While wearing the Okiinos you’ll stay cool, look hella rad and have no worries about losing your bottoms to the waves.

This post is not sponsored. Whoa just likes to introduce you to rad products that we are interested in wearing ourselves (and could see fellow lady adventurers digging). Want to hear more about Okiino? Head to okiino.com or visit the Indiegogo campaign before it ends 7/23.

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