Sonya Pevzner mountain biking by Madison Moore.

You’re hardcore if…..

You don’t…

-live in a van/bus/other vehicle/tiny home
-ski, ultrarun, surf or mountain bike
-freelance from cafes to finance your adventures
-travel to many states/countries in search of the perfect trail/pow/campsite/wave
-rock gnarly tan lines
-subscribe to Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, High Country News, etc
-own a ton of technical clothing and gear including a collection of coolers, goggles, carabiners, ropes, sandals, water bottles, beanies, trucker hats, patches or sleeping bags
-daydream about back roads or big trips on big water
-understand how to dress for the weather
-know how to read a map

LL Bean headquarters in Freeport Maine.

You’ve never….

-pledged allegiance to a brand (Patagonia, Cotopaxi, Marmot, Arc’teryx, you name it)
-summitted something
-left the state or country
-stepped into a harness of any kind (climbing, skydiving, kitesurfing)
-been to a National Park
-attended the OR show
-packed alcohol or food to enjoy during an outside victory (summit, sunrise/sunset, sweet pow day)
-listened to the Dirtbag Diaries
-spent most of a paycheck on gear
-used moleskin or a hydration pack
-had serious sun or windburn
-talked yourself into spending a lot of money on plane tickets in the hopes a tiny weather window would open up so you could do something spectacularly rare outdoors
-Instagrammed the sunrise from a lake or a mountain from a plane window
-done a Ragnar, Tough Mudder or the likes


Norah Jones at Starved Rock State Park.

You don’t have….

-an REI, gym or crossfit membership
-an adventure pup
-callused feet and hands
-stories about bears, burns, beers or broads in the woods
-a bombproof/waterproof phone or camera case
-a National Parks pass
-an avalanche, belay or wilderness medicine certificate
-a designated gear closet/cabinet/trunk/bag
-any idea how to meal plan for backcountry adventures


You’re still hardcore…

We can’t all be dirtbags 24/7. Being hardcore is about following your passion, empowering yourself and others, trying new things and having an awesome time doing so. You are hardcore no matter the gear you do or do not have, the trips you take and the ways you get outside. You are hardcore because you are unique, and doing what you love in the wild is what it’s all about, even if that’s just taking a walk on your lunch break or binge-watching “Rock the Park” on Netflix.


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    ❤❤❤. Bravo!


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      Thanks, lady! 🙂


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