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Meet Whoa ambassador Grace Clark of Campercraft

Whoa is very excited to share our newest ambassador, Grace Clark! We asked the lovely traveler to share a bit about herself.

From the mouth, well – fingers, of Grace:

I was born in Idaho, raised a bit in the Florida Keys, but have lived much of my life in Minnesota. Because of this, the plains, mountains, and seas all hold soft spots in my heart. My parents were quite active when I was young. (I probably spent more time in a tent the first few years of my life than I have since!) Having a photographer father, made it seem pretty inevitable that photography would play a huge role in my life. I have always owned a camera, and today I cherish it as an excuse to go out of my way to discover new places or ways of seeing and be consistently curious about the world around me. I am most attracted to a simplistic understanding of minimalist colors and shapes, or oddities in the people or cultural landscapes around me.

In the fall of 2014, I approached my friend with the idea of building a teardrop camper. I have always enjoyed the retro look, and really appreciate that the design of the camper encourages you to be outside, for your cooking or living space, while giving you the comfort of a cushy sleep space. I fantasized extended road trips, tugging that little guy along rural roads all across the United States. A couple years later, here I am! I have been traveling the country in my teardrop camper, focusing on seeing new places, developing friendships, old and new, and creating as much artwork as I can along the way!

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You can follow along with Grace and her DIY camper at:

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  1. Jay parmeter

    Memories! I spent a winter in Jackson Hole Wyoming in a 14 ft camper, the Tetons were my living room! Fab job building your Teardrop, enjoy!


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