Sherpani Fallon Wool Weekender

Need Awesome Casual Luggage? Try the Sherpani Fallon Wool Weekender

This summer we’ve been testing the Sherpani Fallon Wool Weekender. We’re so used to technical gear with Gore-Tex and polyester ripstop that we were stoked to try out a good-looking bag that’s adventurous but probably not headed to Everest base camp.

Sherpani Fallon Wool Weekender Features

Size: This duffel can fit a week’s worth of clothes plus laptop, charger and toiletries.

Materials: The Weekender is made out of Mongolian wool that can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming damp. We tested this out by bringing the bag camping on a very foggy night. While we woke up clammy (yuck!) the bag was totally dry and its contents were too.

Handles: Choose between two carrying handles or the shoulder strap for the most comfortable and convenient option for you.

Sherpani Fallon Wool Weekender goes to a yoga retreat.
Sherpani Fallon Wool Weekender goes to a yoga retreat.

Base: Four pegs keep the leather bottom from touching the ground, furthering the bag’s durability. In our case, that meant keeping the chalky white gravel dust of the Starved Rock State Park campground and Northern Minnesota’s reddish iron ore residue from coating the bag. Score!

Style: This bag is so cute. The colors are neutral but not boring and people always ask where we got it. They’re stoked to hear about Sherpani’s many awesome bags, including backpacks, crossbodies and duffels.

Extras: The bag has two larger inside pockets so you can stash a big wallet, phone and keys in one and toiletries or chargers in the other. This is super helpful as the bag is big enough that you’d have to really¬†dig for smaller items without the pockets. Plus, the weekender also features an outside pocket with a leather card holder¬†so you can stash your ID and cards within easy reach.


If you’re looking for a bag to bring straight from the office to the train for a weekend getaway, this is the one for you. It’s the perfect luggage for more casual travels. Or, stash your yoga mat between the short straps and tote around your workout supplies for a major gym duffel upgrade.

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